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Key contacts

All initial queries about the project should go to:
Hanita Kosher, The project coordinator. E-mail: hanita.kosher@mail.huji.ac.il

Contact details for the core group of Principal Investigators on this project are as follows:


• Sabine Andresen, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe University, Frankfurt/Main, Germany
E-mail: s.andresen@em.uni-frankfurt.de

• Asher Ben-Arieh, The Hebrew University and The Haruv Institute, Israel.
E-mail: asher@haruv.org.il

• Bong Joo-Lee, Seoul National University, South Korea.
E-mail: bongjlee@snu.ac.kr

• Jonathan Bradshaw, University of York, England.
E-mail: jrb1@york.ac.uk

• Ferran Casas, University of Girona, Spain.
E-mail: ferran.casas@udg.edu

• Gwyther Rees, University of York, England.
E-mail: gwyther.rees@york.ac.uk



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