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The 4th ISCI conference

Eight presentations and posters with data from the ISCWeB project were presented at the fourth conference of the International Society for Child Indicators in Seoul, Korea on May 29-31, 2013.

Prof. Asher Ben-Arieh gave the closing keynote presentation. In his presentation he reviewed preliminary findings from the first wave of data collection. Colleagues from Algeria, Brazil, Israel, Korea and the USA presented papers and posters.



Lessons from the international Survey of Children’s Well-Being
Asher Ben-Arieh


Testing the different measures of Well-being in Brazilian children
Jorge Castellá Sarriera, Livia Bedin and Daniel


Children’s Global Satisfaction with Life: Importance of Family, School and Relationships with Others
Jorge Castellá Sarriera, Fabiane Schütz, Tiago Calza and Miriam Raquel Wachholz Strelhow


  Well-being and Religious Coping in Brazilian Children
Jorge Castellá Sarriera, Angela Carina Paradiso, Stephania Silva and Miriam Raquel Wachholz Strelhow  

Children’s Knowledge about Their Rights
Jorge Castellá Sarriera, Anelise Rodrigues, Francielli Galli and Miriam Raquel Wachholz Strelhow


Predicting subjective well-being among rural adolescents: Children speaking for themselves
Jarod T Giger, Lisa A. Newland, Soonhee Roh and Michael J. Lawler


Developing an index of child well being in Korea
Bong Joo Lee, Sun Suk Kim, Jae Jin Ahn, and Joan P. Yoo

Interpersonal relationships and children's subjective well-being
Edna Shimoni


Children’s Subjective Well-Being Findings from Surveys in Algeria
Habib Tiliouine



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