The International Society for Child Indicators


We are pleased to offer a special one-year membership for 2019-2020

This special offer includes a year's subscription for 2019 and 2020 (e-access) to the ISCI journal, Child Indicators Research (CIR) , which is published by Springer.


Why join ISCI?

  • Members of ISCI come from many countries and walks of life, including academicians and researchers, government officials, policymakers, child advocates, data users and collectors, funders, practitioners, and journalists.
  • The global character of the Society offers unique opportunities for studying and sharing knowledge as well as for seeking new partnerships and initiating studies and projects beyond national or smaller regional networks.
  • Coming together under the banner of an international society to study and use child well-being indicators offers an invaluable opportunity for collaboration, shared resources, problem-solving, support, and education.  We hope you will consider joining this important society of scholars, policymakers, and stakeholders
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